SQL Azure

全てのリージョンでWindows Azure SQL Databaseサービス用のサービス管理機能の一部に影響があるメンテナンスを実施する予定です。

既存のデータベースには影響が無く、既存のサーバーに新しいデータベースを作成することにも影響が無い。新しいサブスクリプションを使用したり、新しいSQL Server Databases サーバーを作成すると、CreateやUpdate、Delete操作に影響がでる可能性があるとのこと。


May 25 2013 6:00PM

We will be performing routine maintenance activity that will impact a subset of Service Management functions for Windows Azure SQL Database service in all regions.
This window of maintenance is planned starting from May 30th 2013 3:00pm PDT, and should last approximately 2 hours.
Expected impact includes problems with  Create, Update and Delete operations on Logical SQL Database servers and inability of newly provisioned subscriptions to use SQL Database service during the period of the maintenance activity.
New Subscriptions created during the maintenance time period will be able to use the SQL Database service after the maintenance is complete.
Operations on SQL Database such as  Create, Update, Delete or Read and availability of existing Databases are not impacted by this maintenance activity .
Applications & services (including web sites and mobile services) that use existing Databases or create new Databases in existing servers will not be impacted. We will update the Windows Azure Service Dashboard as we work through this maintenance window with latest updates and expected impact.
Sorry for the inconvenience this may cause.